PDX Pop Now! 2012 Day 2

A Full Day Of Ecletic Entertainment

The Miracles Club ends the night on Saturday at PDX Pop Now! 2012
By Mason Trinca
Jul 23 12:42pm

The second day of PDX Pop Now 2012 had the longest set. More then twelve hours of non-stop talent musicians and bands. It was also the hottest day reaching temperatures around 80 degrees. It sounds pretty weak, but let me tell you, it was hot!


Luckily, PDX Pop Now sponsors, Vitamin Waters, were stationed at every corner throughout the to help fans battle the heat. Switching performance from outdoor and indoors allowed fans from not missing a single performance. With day one was setting the stage for how great of a weekend this was going to be, day two was only going to get better with every sounding


K-Tell 79

Starting off the second day with a rock & roll attitude was K-tell 79. Their dress attire reflected their style of music. With blackened eye shadow and a grungy yet classy look to them made their act cool to watch.



Bruxa is the spiritual witchstep-performing trio with awesome sounds of pshydelic vocal style and heavy beats. Bianca Radd and Saint Michael vocals performance literally send you into dark trance of the underworld.



Houndstooth starts the first performances outside with their intricate mellow sounds of rock and folk. A really mellow and cool sound to them that made it pleasant to be out watching them in the sun blasting heat.



XDS threw down about every type of genre on the table. With a mix of experimental-pop, garage, and punk rock, XDS had every resonance to them. Jesse Hall and John Rau really sent out a summer time jam to the crowd.


Chrome Wings

Chrome Wings brought a dreamy sound of pop on a level unheard of before. John Jurow and Shane Mcdonell have set the standard very high for the day with the rest of performers. I was impressed with their simplistic sound and yet fulfilling sound.


Neal Morgan

Neal Morgan is a simple yet elaborate man with his drums and voice. Telling stories with a enchanting beat the drums takes you on his journey of spoken words. His piece was captivating and really impressive.


Like a Villain

Like A Villain played like a villain. She has talent, and skill and a voice. Solo performer several instruments to the stage, Glockenspiel and Clarinet. She looped all three making her stage presents so much bigger then it was. She also Plays with AU.



Grandparents had an amazing folk- rock sound to them. Band members  Marc Chirstiansen, Dylan White, Ben Johnson, Allison Fairs & Will Fenton brought different vocal characteristics that made this feel like a true eclectic Portland band.


Youth Bitch

Guys dressed in mini skirts and dresses…sounds crazy. Youth Bitch brought that craze in their insane level of rock and roll to the outside stage with pummeling sounds of the guitar and Brit-pop vocals.


Vice Device

Bringing back inside for a one of kind psychedelic, experimental performance by Vice Device. Bobby Kaliber and Andrea K had a very dark sound to their voice that compliments with the synthesizers and pounding drums that set the bar of today’s electronic performance



By far the most surprising performance inside the Refuge was none other then Strategy. Laying down the most intricate ambient beats of our time. Paul Dickows really made the crowd get on their feet and dance. The music was a minimalistic yet a pulsating sound of rhythm and dance, which only made you want to get down and dirty on the dance floor!


Cloudy October

Finally, we got some Northwest Rap for Saturday’s performance, and they kept the energy level high. From influences of Run DMC, Grandmaster Caz, and Asop Rock, you know this hip-hop performer would be at its finest. Cloudy’s real name, Kizzy Yokomura, shows his bright and exclusive style of lyrical compilations of fun of Northwest rap.


Secret Drum Band

The final set outside started off with Secret Drum Band. Their stage present was almost mystical with every band member wearing robes with hoods covering up their faces. With seven drummers on stage, it really created an enchanting scene with their outfits and their skilled sounding percussionists. Lisa Schonberg and the Secret Drum Band is funded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council, and the Secret Drum has continued to impress the Portland area and grow in popularity.


Jeffery Jerusalem

Wow, Jeffery’s performance was awesome. The night had already begin to creep in cooling down the very hot weather. However, Jeffery made it hot and steamy again. The party really started up again with his performance bringing a fun, pop-electronic that made you get up dance. The lights really started to kick in giving Jeffery, the drummer from YACHT, and Bobby Birdman, unbelivable stage presence. Jumping up down with his fans, Jeffery is an all-in-one talented artist skilled in drumming and remixing.



Of course you got to close off the night with some Good’ ole Northwest rap. ILLmaculate was truly immaculate. Bringing swag into his lyrics and rhythm, the fans were absolutely eating it up. ILLmaculate, also known as Greg Poe, has won the World Rap Championship two years in a row. Oh, did I mention that he was only seventeen when won making him the youngest rapper to win the competition. ILLmaculate really has talent, and he put on an unforgettable performance. At the end of this show, He gave a shout out to his little brother, whose birthday was conveniently the same night of this epic show.


The Miracles Club

Last but not least was The Miracles Club. Singer Honey Owens, DJ and Producer Rafael Fauria, and Dancer William Jay Ylvisaker show was a true live performance. I have never seen a dancer at such caliber as William Jay Ylvisaker. He was grooving, moving, and contorting his body to the sounds of Honey and Rafael that made him enchanting to watch. Honey’s voice coordinated so well with the post-disco and dance era sounding music, which made them stand out from the bands Portland. The Miracle Clubs danced the night away with a great concert to end Day two of PDX Pop Now.