PDX Pop Now! Release Party

Sun Angle, Wild Ones, Hollywood Tans, and Rose Celebrate the 2012 Compilation

Sun Angle closes the evening at the 2012 PDX Pop Now! compilation release party at Holocene last night
By Dylan Burke
Jun 08 8:13am

Many thanks to Holocene for hosting the 2012 PDX Pop Now! extravaganza last night. Once again their hospitality exceeded expectations.


Rose started off last night’s proceedings unexpectedly. Not much has been publicized about this act and for due reason. With no online presence it’s no wonder that the female MC known as Rose took the show by surprise. Half way through her first song she was rappin’ as though she was twice her age, and twice her stature. Accompanying here was another young MC who will forever remain anonymous, as his counterpart Rose stepped up to every verse with the conviction of a young gun who has something to prove.


The Hollywood Tans held a block party right in front of their house in North Portland a little more than a year ago. Neighbors and friends crowded around the makeshift stage, which was little more than a sidewalk. Surprisingly, prior to that performance they hadn’t played a single gig; however, today they are one of Portland’s burgeoning acts. As a result of their power pop revelry, Portland’s attention has been directed to this quintet as suggested by their induction into PDX pop now’s 2012 lineup. Last night saw Wayne Pritzker on guitars, vocals, and keys; Josh Kennedy on toy box, vocals, and synth; Eirean Bradley on bass; Lane Trisko on drums; and Devin Scheffel on keys. Upon hearing tracks like “Darren” off their latest album Stolen Stereo, one has to appreciate the unspoken connection between these five musicians. Instrumentally, The Hollywood Tans show signs of genuine craft as they introduce dynamic structures seamlessly throughout each song. The result: an instant serge of adrenaline to which no doubt induce an impetuous urge to dance and be utterly outrageous.



In the fall of 2009 Danielle Sullivan and Thomas Himes came together to form the overture to Wild Ones. The duo pursued their dreams within the comfort of their bedrooms and soon had a handful of recordings to which eventually captured the attention of Clayton Knapp (synth/guitar), Andy Parker (bass), and Nick Vicario (drums). In the spirit of so many indie groups these days an electronic element accentuates a more subdued tempo, while supplying an ethereal backdrop for the lucid vocal structures of Danielle Sullivan. By employing the use of synthesizers, as well as the ubiquitous Roland sample pad, Wild Ones has contracted themselves to the realm of dream-pop. Just take a listen to tracks like “You’re a Winner” as the steady, unrelenting tempo fluctuates from dance worthy sixteenths, to the more punctuated syncopation provided by the accordance between Andy Parker and Nick Vicario.



It’s no wonder that Sun Angle possesses a natural affinity for that incendiary globe in the sky, for their fusion of sonic elements seem akin to that volatile mixture of gasses occurring within our firmament. Musically, these sonorous elements are disparate; however, it’s because of these differences that Sun Angle produces a sound all their own. Consisting of Charlie Salas-Humara on Guitar/Voice, Marius Libman on Bass, and Papi Fimbres on drums this trio melds elements of psych, dance, punk, rock and tropical with the distinctively South American sound of cumbia; the result of which tends to defy classification. In addition to their unique amalgam of styles, Charlie Salas’ proclivity towards effects pedals heightens one’s awareness of being in some psychedelic dimension where in time ceases to exist and the sun never sets. Without question, upon those reverent attendees last night the sun shone at an angle to which over-exposure was never threatening.